June 28, 2017

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Sales training success

Many people believe that success is 80% taking action and following a great system – and 20% confidence and self belief.

However, I’ve seen people follow every step of a system yet make no headway and few sales.

I’ve discovered – through intensive performance coaching of telephone sales teams, through 11 years of business coaching with entrepreneurs  and decades of business success and failure – that:

80% of success is embedded in subconscious behaviours and only 20% is in the systems or steps you follow.

Which is what makes us different.

What typical sales training and sales coaching offers

Most sales training and sales coaching is completely focused on technique and role play.

It’s about mastering key phrases, getting good at ‘closing,’ handling objections and selling benefits, not features.

Some of the better coaches and trainers also focus on body language, mirroring and adapting your ‘pitch’ to personality types; and sometimes helping you identify them with little tricks like colour coding. (“Oh, he’s a blue or she’s a red”).

Still others will teach the deeper mystical arts of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), so you can practise sophisticated ‘reading’ of a client.

You might also be taught to tap into your customer’s pain and desire…and weave your product or service into the ‘solution’.

Oh, and of course there will be sales goal setting.

Nothing wrong with any of it. We teach similar things and use many similar techniques. After all, you need to start with a structure and a goal.

But it’s a one size fits all approach and takes little or no account of your personal style, your personal strengths and the key elements of your personality and individuality that make people buy YOU; and make you feel deeply connected to achievement of the goals that you set.

What makes this sales training and sales coaching boutique?

Boutique is personal; it’s individual; it’s about YOU. And that’s what makes this sales training and sales coaching different.

Very few sales people I’ve spoken to – successful or unsuccessful – actually know why.

Even those who might think they do…often get it wrong.

With our help, you’ll uncover exactly what your strengths are; and how to work with your individuality to  create sales success.

You’ll be amazed at how spectacularly well this works.

For starters, it feels natural.

And that makes achieving success so much easier. 

Not to mention faster – and more effective – than many of the things you might already be doing – such as comparing yourself to others (negatively), following an off the shelf or cookie cutter system and trying to be somebody you’re not.

Building a sales belief system

As a fully qualified hypnotherapist with more than 10 years of clinical practice, as well experience as a long standing business coach, business owner and account director, I’ve also learned a fair few things about neural pathways, motivation, blocks to success and how to tap into your own individual strengths – that will help you sell more; and sell more easily, with authenticity.

This gives me a unique perspective and an ability to intuitively ‘read’ my clients so that I can quickly identify where their motivation lies, what blocks them from achieving their goals – and how to help them easily tap into success, with subtle mind hacks.

I don’t use hypnosis at all, but I do help you to discover how you are hypnotising yourself to perform in a way that leads to under-performance; and provide short cut routes, so you can re-programme your neural pathways for success….with very little effort.

It’s rocket fuelled sales training.

Here’s what some of our clients have said:

“Shirley not only helped me overcome psychological barriers by changing the way I focused on them, but also helped me to increase my productivity and subsequent financial rewards, as a result. I will always be indebted to Shirley for the time and effort she put into evaluating my business and coming up with ideas on how to get the most out of my limited time with a client”…Financial Adviser

“Professional, intelligent, considered, approachable, friendly, funny and compassionate – Shirley is all of these things and I would recommend her without hesitation. I certainly haven’t looked back and the results speak for themselves. 9 months on I am much happier in my own skin and I have secured the promotion I so desperately wanted. More over, it’s overseas and so a bigger challenge than ever and something a year ago I’d have liked to have done, but would have walked away from because the challenge would have seemed too great”…Natasha Hatherall, Managing Director, Dubai

“I love inspirational and thought provoking sessions that Shirley runs. She got me so inspired once that I have been up all night re-branding my website! I could never decide on my personal branding and after Shirley’s talk everything magically fell into place and I came up with a new funky branding that I now absolutely love! I definitely had a breakthrough thanks to her session! Magic!”…Lidia Drzewiecka, Brand Marketing Consultant

If you’d like to discuss whether hiring me for your sales training and sales coaching could work for you or your business, click on the contact me tab now and send me a quick message, using the form on the page. I’ll get straight back to you.