June 23, 2017


Whatever it is you want to work on, I can help you become more productive, perform better on every level, sell more ‘stuff’ (if that’s what you need) – and we can do it fast….within a matter of weeks to get results.

There’s no long soul searching sessions where we probe and explore your inner workings. Nor are there multi-point check lists or templates to work to.

There’s just intuitive coaching and training to get you from where you are to where you want to be. It’s personal, it’s made to measure.

And it works.

You work on one thing at a time, focus on it, master it and then review.

Progress is much faster that way.

Self belief is a beneficial side product that evolves as you start to experience results.

And that belief spills into every part of your life.

You can stop being anxious, fearful, guilty or resentful…and start  growing in confidence, forging ahead instead of falling behind.

Success is something you begin to expect, rather than hope for.

And here’s where my social conscience gets the pay off.

My personal desire is to contribute to a better world, through helping people just like you discover and tap into your own hidden talents…that better serve you and the business you choose to create or be employed in.

Because when we’re fully contributing, valued people, employees, partners, members of society… the world and the planet get treated better.

Which is pretty damn cool.

Plus, 50% of all profit generated from my business goes directly to charitable causes close to my heart – especially those that work towards ending homelessness; and fighting the corner for those less able to fight their own.

So everybody wins.

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I choose not to play by the old rules…

I’ve been around a while…and soaked up a plethora of experience and tools along the way that have shaped the way I work and the rapid transformations I can create for individuals – either on their own merits; or within the businesses that employ them.

If you think it’s fluffy hogwash or that I’m self delusional, I wish you all the success in the world, but I believe my work here is to contribute to a better society and a better planet – and I don’t think the old way works.

The old way of working just makes the planet and the people bleed.

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A potted history of how I got here

  • I’ve founded several businesses of my own and been appointed as director of both start ups and established businesses;
  • I’ve had to start from scratch, building a brand new set of clients…and I’ve also massively developed a weak client base into an army of devotees;
  • I’ve worked in public sector, private sector, local government, agencies and corporates;
  • I’ve been employed and self employed.

However, I’ve also:

  • been fired three times, made redundant twice;
  • had one business go into receivership, and another almost pushed to the wall by sub-contractors whose credentials I didn’t fully verify;
  • been depressed and suicidal;
  • got into debt and been so broke I couldn’t afford a coffee;
  • lost friendships through business;
  • been lied to and lied about;
  • felt bitter, resentful and wondering, “why me?”

I’m grateful for all of that.

It’s meant I’ve gained insights and perspectives I never could have had otherwise.

Which means there’s little you can throw at me that I won’t have some understanding of…plus a way to help you gain fresh perspectives that change everything.

I’ve walked your walk many times. And survived. And thrived.

You can too.

If you’d like to discuss ways we could work together to improve your business, your performance or your sales, get in touch today.